It in Healthcare: Voice Recognition Tools Make Rounds at Hospitals

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:39
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IT in HealthCare: Voice Recognition Tools Make Rounds at Hospitals

Management Information Systems

Technology is growing in the field of medicine. Finding better ways to serve patients has become an important issue. Our future looks bright as we look at the changes being made and one of them is voice recognition technology being presented in hospitals. With the help of Dragon programs, voice software has made its stand and is being treated positively.

In the case of the nurses at Butler Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania, this pilot of new technology and process has helped improve workflow and patient safety during the installation of IV lines. The system has been effective with patient safety and nurse efficiency. With accurate order information in the database, nurses can spend more time treating patients.
From an investment perceptive, the cost of transcription is expensive. It was Fairview Hospital who is saving roughly $2000 to $3000 a month which would have been used on transcription services. The cost to get the technology product up and running was $3500. Although at Mt. Carmel the doctors didn't see an immediate change in productivity, it was eventually seen that dictation costs went to almost null which was a complete return in their investment. Plus, transcription services lacks in speed. The fact that spoken notes can appear immediately in a patient's chart was seen as a plus to medical professionals. Obviously, voice recognition with direct speech-to-text capability allows the information to be uploaded immediately.

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