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Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:40
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Once upon a time, industry sector is the engine of growth in Malaysia. A lot of efforts have been put in achieving a fast progress in industry sectors. It is a target of all country including Malaysia. Development of industries sector will bring a lot of benefit and advantage for the country and their people.
Developing of industries sector has boosted the economic. In addition to the money outflow, this development not only reduces the country expense, it also increases the country income due to the increment in the export rate. According to the Malaysia budget, the export rate increase every year. Electronic appliances is the main export product for the country, meanwhile other manufacturing products also achieve an outstanding results in export.
Certainly the biggest advantage of industrialization is that it eases the daily responsibilities and tasks of people by placing most of the bulk of tasks on technology and other resources. Industrialization also opens the door to lots of employment opportunities which, in turn, also open the door to establishing businesses to satisfy the needs of those employed by the industry. In all, everyone is equally satisfied and well-compensated with industrialization.
To me, the main advantage of industrialization is not any of the things mentioned in the first answer. I think that the main advantage comes from the fact that industrialization gives us many more goods that can be bought at affordable prices. When the economy industrializes, things get to be made more quickly and in greater quantity. This means that the price of these things can go down and that many more things can be made. This allows us to buy more things than we could before. This is why, for example, we can afford many more shirts that are mass produced than we could if tailors were making each one by hand.

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