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Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:42
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IT Sales Professional
Job Role

As the names states an IT sales professional job is to tell products and services related to technology. This usually falls in the following three sections, pre-sale, sale and post-sale. Please see below for details on the three sections:

The pre-sale section concentrates on the IT Sales Professional asking for the user requirements from the customer and then deciding a product(s) or service(s) that will best suites the user's needs. He or she will them give this detail to the customer explaining all the technical specifications of the product or all the details of the service. This can also include demonstrating the products features and functions so the customer is more likely to buy the product.

The sale section involves the customer buying the product or the service from the sales man, and both of them consenting to an agreement of after sales.

This is when the sales man has to provide extra service after the customer has purchased the product or service. This will be stated on the after sales agreement and can included services such as a one year repair or replacement guarantee technical helpline or even providing user training to the customer.

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