Jit Analysis of Lean Production

Published: 2021-06-29 06:29:41
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Just-in-Time 1

Just-In-Time: An Analysis of Lean Production

Just-in-Time 2

Just-In-Time: An Analysis of Lean Production
This paper will provide a review of JIT as a production process. It will discuss the role it plays in lean production and inventory control. The concept of SMED will also be covered. The paper will also define kanban and the ability to invoke a JIT process without it as well as discussing how a dual-card kanban system operates successfully.
The purpose of JIT is to increase a business' return on investment by reducing the volume of in-process inventory, and reducing the associated costs. JIT can be implemented without kanban, but it is not as successful. One application would be the order-up-to-target system. This periodic review implements just-in-time deliveries from suppliers and orders what is actually used, no more, no less. This does not require kanban. It requires accurate forecasting. It also requires a worker to notice the stock is depleted so the next order can take place. When the order is placed, order only what supplies are needed to manufacture the specified supplies. Once those items are manufactured and accounted for, retrieve the next set of components for the next set of items.

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