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Published: 2021-06-29 06:29:45
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The study of media technology and communication sector has been rapidly changing over the last decades to a broader scope. Mass communication is the preferred term to articulate this transformation. Turlow (2011, p.17) define mass communication as "the industrialized production and multiple distribution of messages through technological devices". This definition indicates that people are now actively participating in production, consumption and distribution of media. Innovation in media technology and communication has resulted in an enhanced demand of people seeking a job within this area. The types of job have become diverse as it is integrating with other distinct industries such as fashion, education, health and many more (Sternberg, 2011). Job advertisement that I found through SEEK, Australia's number one job search engine, is Public Relations Coordinator for Jeanswest Company. This position represents a type of job that I would like to pursue upon completion of my degree in Mass Communication. Further explanation of why this job appeals and suits me will be discussed in this analysis. It is also imperative to examine the impact of media convergence and globalisation towards the company and the job position. Understanding of genre and target audience related to this role will also be explored in details.
Jeanswest is seeking for a person to fill a position in Public Relations Coordinator located in Melbourne. Jeanswest is the iconic denim and favorite lifestyle brand in predominantly Australia and New Zealand. The company was first established in Perth, Western Australia in 1972 (Jeanswest, 2011). This shows that Jeanswest has been contributed to Australia denim world for nearly 40 years. Headquarters office of Jeanswest is based in South Yarra, Victoria (Jeanswest Linkedin, 2012). Jeanswest is a fashion clothing company which provides a wide range option for women and men with affordable price. Jeanswest's products consist of different models of jeans, tops, jackets, pants, shorts, and accessories. Since the first Jeanswest store opened in Perth, the company has been expanding the location to every state in Australia and New Zealand. Today, Jeanswest operates 3,000 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Middle Asia (Jeanswest, 2011). With a huge number of operating stores, Jeanswest employs approximately 5,000 staffs all over those locations (Jeanswest Linkedin, 2012).
In order to be successfully accepted, the ideal candidate must have adequate skills, knowledge and experiences in communication field. This position reports to Public Relations and Retail Marketing Manager and generally need to be passionate in fashion industry, excellent in communication and capable in running multiple projects at the same time. The overall duty of this position is supporting the manager on every aspect of public relations in order to retain and foster the brand in a growth of fashion industry. This position is required a person to undertake technical and managerial tasks that primarily associated with the media. The technical duties encompass liaising with media to pitch products, stories and events, writing and distributing press releases, monitoring media coverage received, as well as coordinating the content of social media platforms. In terms of managerial duties, the right candidate has to constantly looking for new promotional opportunities and events to increase brand awareness.

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