Joshiley Bhangra Troupe

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:08
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Joshiley Bhangra Troupe is a newly established, yet highly experienced dance troupe. It was formed in year 2007 by a group of passionate dancers with vast amounts of experience in the performing arts scene, both locally as well as abroad.

To start off, what does the name of our group actually mean? The world 'Joshiley' originates from the main word, 'Josh', which means 'full of energy'. Hence, the name Joshiley Bhangra comes about to represent a group of talented individuals that strives to inculcate high energy into their dance and stunts acts. The members of this Bhangra troupe strongly keep this meaning at heart because they believe in providing all-round entertainment to blow away the audience and their supporters.

We offer a myriad of services, which include bhangra and bollywood dancers, dhol players, professional DJ lighting and sound system, emcees, singers, graphic designers and not to forget, our very own specialized stunts show that never fails to leave the audience speechless.

Joshiley Bhangra Troupe has experienced members who have been in this industry for many years. They have been involved in many glamorous events, both locally and abroad. These events have made us grow from strength to strength in terms of our ability as well as the vital experience that is inevitably gained in the process. Locally, some of the highlights would include Singapore's very own National Day in 2007 at the Marina Bay, Chingay Parade, Herbal Life Exhibition Expo 2007, 'Enlightenment' with Edmund Chen at the National Library in 2007, Utsav Parade 2006 & 2007, Exxon Mobil 10,000 hours of working without accidents, Clap events since January 2008 that has stretched to more than 30 places in Singapore, a special appearance on 'Asia Uncut' with Christopher Lee and Fann Wong on Star World,Youth Olympic 2010,HeritageFest 2010,Daniel Pearl World Music Day 2010 and SINGAPORE JAMB100 CUM 3rd ASEAN JAMBOREE. Our bhangra troupe is also active in the overseas scene. Some of the highlights would include the Drum Festival in Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia (2008), a recent filming in the New Zealand Film Festival 2009,Yuntai International tourism festival in China(Henan)2010 and at the WORLD EXPO 2010 in China.

As members of this Bhangra Troupe, we always believe in innovation. We always try our best to provide our clients with something unique all the time, such as new music and dance routines. We are blessed to be of service to anyone and we are fully dedicated to fulfilling the special needs and requests of our clients. We guarantee that with our stunning costumes, dance and stunts act, the audience would be left wanting more.

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