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Published: 2021-06-29 06:30:59
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JULES KROLL        After receiving the Certificate on Government receipts (COUGARs), Jules Kroll plans to enter the credit rating business. This is a great and fruitful idea. Once the COUGARS is offered to a business premise, the stakeholders are assured of safety principal and also transparent profits which each enterprise strives for. This implies that the company’s Treasury securities have been stripped of their coupon payments and can be redeemed at face value. This is the right time for Jules to venture into the credit rating business because an opportunity has been offered by being given the COUGARs by the A.G. Becker Paribas firm thus they should hand in their prospectus that provides the details of the investments offered for sale to the public. Though it had become more competitive as many new entrants compete for funding.        Corruption that was rooted in the CRAs led to the collapse of the economy in the US which caused a great shakedown in large financial institutions and the global economy too. This crisis caused the stock markets all over the world dropped thus leading to the loss incurred in the housing market too. The credit raters were optimistic of the housing mortgage boosting their credit rating business by using it in bond trading business. This however turns out to be unprofitable unlike expected by the credit raters.        The incumbent credit raters provided inaccurately financial rates thus granting loans to home buyers with bad credit and undocumented incomes. This was due to their differences in interests as agencies were infested with greed for money instead and also financial institutions wanted to have higher credit ratings. This led to the collapse of some major financial institutions. After the financial crisis Kroll founded the K2 Intelligence which was used to investigate theft and graft claims all over Europe. With much success in the uncovering of the secrets that had caused plundering of fortunes due to the financial crisis made K2 intelligence be known globally hence he formed the Kroll Bond Rating Agency to operate as a transparent credit rating agency. This boosted the economy since the financial rates were accurately reached at by the agency. The financial crisis therefore had a positive effect to Kroll’s opportunity as it gave him a go ahead to venture into credit rating services.Kroll’s plan of venturing into this credit rating business can be so fruitful if they consider various aspects for the effectiveness, efficiency and competence within the credit rating market in the US. The various factors that should be put into consideration include:StaffingFinancingRegulatory requirementsSpecializationWith the above factors put in consideration without any being under looked or ignored, Kroll’s plan will be so profitable and will also enable boosting of both the American and Global economy.StaffingBefore entering into the credit ratings business, Kroll needs to identify, acquire, develop and maintain an efficient and satisfied team of employees within their organization.  This can be done through recruitment, development and appraisal of their current employees.  In the staffing process the employees that should be selected on merit basing on various aspects such as;

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