Karl Marx - the Marxist System

Published: 2021-06-29 06:26:46
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Today I will be discussing the similarities and differences of the French Revolution compared to Karl Marx ideas, or what many may call as the Marxist system.
In this generation it's strongly believed that the French Revolution was a bourgeois revolution. This revolution swept away the political structures of feudalism. It's also believed by this generation that feudalism cleared the way for the development of capitalism. All who accepted this theory at first did not consider themselves as Marxist but were in favor many of their opinions. Unlike the ideals of Marxism, the French revolution did not create socialism or communism.

The French Revolution did not create socialism or communism. The purpose of the French revolution was to develop political and social change. This revolution was idealized as the revolution that was in favor merchants having rights to shape their own society and determine their own lives. This idea was not different than Marx's thoughts. The ideal of Marxism was that working class people should embrace wealth and the wealth should be shared equally with and not concentrated in the hands of a small ruling political class described as the capitalist system. During Marx's time they were call Capitalist but in our time we may refer to them as republicans. After reading "Communist Manifesto", I've determined that Marx's economic analysis was still in its formative stages.

Karl Marx's idea on economic issues was that capitalism drove wages to the lower of the lowest levels. He discussed that the economically crisis were caused by overproduction. Marx viewed economic depressions as a crisis. His definition of over production has been changed by him numerous of times but the last definition before his death was this:"The over extension of productive capacity relative to consumption demand, to capital and hence eventually undermine profitability. Another economic concern of the French revolution was to implement enforcement of new tax rules and financing colonist who were not allowed to settle out west. Marx was not in favor of this idea. Marx's theory was to not separate financially but come together.

It was Marx's theory that class differentiation leads to valid violence and then turns into revolution. He considered this as a natural characteristic of human events; basically, this is just a way of life. Marx's political thought focused on creating capitalism. His main concern was also rather or not peasant farmers would come together with industrial workers to abolish capitalism, if capitalism was established. If they didn't come together with the industrial workers, they could possibly offer arm resistance and this would delay the achievements of the socialist system. It was during the French revolution when constitutionalism was accepted. The political movement of the French revolution wished

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