Korean Prehistorically

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:22
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The prehistorically cultures of Korea consisted of both Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations. The Paleolithic unearthed artifacts and sites are thought to be somewhere below the yellow sea whereas the Neolithic period expressed signs of stone tools that showed the early Koreans were hunters. During the tone age Koreans lived along the river and pottery progressed and ceremonial utensils found showed that these early settlers had been influenced by China. As the Iron Age progressed weapons developed which allowed foreign trade, agriculture and military development. Early Koreans believed in a higher power known as Hanulinim however they also worshipped other Gods like the sun and were animistic people. Korean folk culture even instituted Shamanism, astronomy, geomancy, and fortunetelling. Such Korean folklore founded the myth of Tangun or the founder of the first kingdom is the story of the bear that turned into a woman. After praying to Hwanung to become Human and after being instructed to eat garlic and mugwort and avoided the sun for one hundred days by residing in a cave the bear turned into a woman. Hwanung then married her and had a sun called Tangun. The appearance of the tribal states consisted of mythology and uncertainty, during this time political and social development took place and structured tribal nations began to surface such as the early northern kingdoms and the three Han federations in the south. However, the ride of the three kingdoms created political change, government and social adjustments, and the surfacing of clan names. During the Three Kingdom period Korea changed intensely as it became more structured and progressed economically, this created a blueprint of financial improvement.

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