Kudler Fine Foods Alliance Strategies

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:40
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Kudler Fine Foods Alliance Strategies
Stakeholders are usually said to be a "unique strategic tool" in creating alliances that help an organization in meeting its overall business strategy. Kudlers' stakeholders includes both internal and external such as company employees, suppliers, consumers, competitors and government agencies. Creating alliances with its networked internal and external stakeholders is very essential for improved performance. Kudler Fine Foods can follow a number of strategies in creating alliances with its stakeholders. Kudler should choose the intended strategies partners and outline goals they intend to achieve in from the strategic relationship. They can then create a system which will allow effective information flow between the networked stakeholders. They can for instance form a platform where current market trends in fine food products are easily available (Gomes-Casseres, 1998).
The company should negotiate with its partners for instance their suppliers in a deal that includes benefit and risk analysis, and through this be able to generate revenues through these alliances with clear expectations of each partner stated and integrating goals between the company and strategic stakeholders. Through strategies such as coordinating business and brand exposure, joint marketing activities and customer experience between the company and its strategic stakeholders, the alliance will be able to improve its product and service delivery. Kudler can also provide an online platform where their customers can interact with each other and can also give feedback on the Kudlers products and service delivery. These will create a strong alliance between Kudler and its customers in understanding their needs and meeting them satisfactorily (Segil, 2002).
They can also adopt relationship management systems that will be able to help them maintain the internal and external stakeholder relationships. Kudler deals in fresh food products such as fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood among others (Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization, 2011). The ability to be able to have this fresh products and maintaining them fresh is through effective alliances between the company and its suppliers. Through this Kudler can fine tune its supply chain to be more efficient and free flowing enabling strategic information to be obtained at the right time.

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