Kurt Levin's Change Model

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:19
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In this fast paced world, as frequent and random changes in climate occur and global warming is on a rise, environment has become an area of concern for all. Organizations are keen to attain benefits along with environmental sustainability (Lewin, 1964). Organizations have to cope up with numerous challenges like reducing its carbon footprint, measuring emissions and innovating technologies (MSA, 2008). Change is a never-ending process, having an impact on both our personal as well as professional lives. Changes in an organization can occur both internally and externally. A variation in the management system, financial procedures or organization's culture is all internal changes, where else external change include technological change, social or political change or economical change. All these happenings have a major impact on the environment as well as on the organization's growth.
Researches have shown that the question of concern is "What is the importance of organizational change model?" The Models assist the managers to understand change in a wider scope as why change occurs (the causes and drivers), how and to which extent the change will occur (the timings, procedures and stages), and what will be the outcome of the changes (its effects and ways to measure). It is wise to review different models by researchers, as each model will give us a clearer picture and understanding about the aspects of change. Furthermore, We shall discuss the effect of changes in organizations on environment and one of the Change Models.
Kurt Levin's Change Model
The author Kurt Lewin has design the approach of force field theory that was constructed by Lewin (1951) and became one of the most cited theories in the field of organizational change. While supporting that the notion of change that can occurs in three different stages while engaging in the idea of force field theory, to create the change in an organisation and to minimize the resistance to change, three arrays of drivers are in place, while the author has supported the idea of change that follows at three different phases, which are individuals, systems and organizational climate. It is important in an organization that every individual supports the change. If the organization wants to change, forces for change should be more than resistance to change. Therefore, managers should concentrate on decreasing the resistance and increasing the forces for change (Lewin, 1951).

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