Labor Market and Public Policy in Russia

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:46
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There is no doubt that the issue referring to labor market activity is interesting not only for economists and statisticians, but for ordinary people as we all are involved or are to be involved in it in the nearest future. The first that comes to our mind when we here "labor market" is unemployment. Speaking about unemployed most of us think about those leaving on the unemployment benefits and do not wishing to work. However, in reality it is not so.
The problems of a labor market, employment and unemployment are the major ones in the social and economic sectors today. These problems are shown especially sharply under the conditions of the transitive economy, which refer to current situation in Russia. Unlike most European countries that have already experienced difficulties concerning the employment and successfully solved them, Russian labor market now is only formed. Therefore a number of problems such as labor market formation, employment and unemployment, regulation in the conditions of labor market transition, regional aspects of unemployment and others remain unanswered. Structural shifts, slump in production and the crisis lead to unemployment increase, and consequently to deterioration of standards of living along with the growth of social and a political tensions within the country.
The main aim of the given work is to conduct a labor markets research of the Russian Federation, to explain the concept of a labor market theoretically, to definite the tendencies and directions of its development and regulation and to suggest possible ways to solve the given problems .
For this purpose, first of all, labor market; its mechanisms and regulation will be outlined. Secondly, we will look at Russian labor market in detail and also we will consider peculiarities of public policy in this country.

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