Labyrinth of Costco

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:50
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On a Sunday afternoon, around 2:00P.M., the sun is shining and wind is blowing lightly. Birds sing on the fresh, green palm trees and sunshine illuminates my face through my second floor window. In the middle of my silent moment, mom's soprano voice breaks it,
"Sweety, let's go to Costco. I'll make you an apple pie and strawberry slush."
I trudge downstairs to the garage and I hear the engine roaring which makes me sprint faster to get in the car. I notice it was father's black Audi car. I opened the front door to get in and the leather seat embraced me. I can smell the cherry blossoms as I close the door, while using my brachioradialis muscles. I turn the audio on to listen the old songs that my mom usually listens to.
We pass Los Feliz gas station and a humongous water mountain. As cars speed faster than other cars, I can sense we are near where Costco is. We enter the gigantic parking lot where variety colorful cars are parked. My eyes' view on the grand, blue, and white, perfect rectangle Costco building. I step my foot on the black concrete and gallop to the pile of iron carts. I grab one cart handle and hurl it. As I yank it, I feel the others are being pulled out together. One that I got out has a plastic bag and many coupon papers in it. I take them out and throw them into the trash can. My mom's black bag is placed in the little space where the baby seat is. Only having one bag makes me move the cart harder.
Urgent employees in Costco demonstrate how Costco busy is. Customers' carts bump each other, because of narrow paths. I hear baby crying, rolling carts, people talking and shouting, and checkout machine sounds. I can see kids yelling and running.
We go to the electronic section where all the blue computer screens are I glance, noticing the radiation heats on the screens. Variety of television shows fascinate on by screening old animation. I touch the keyboard on purpose without any reason. I just want to do that. We go to the cheese section where the odor was intense. The refrigerator puffs out the chill, air, which wraps the yellow-white cheeses.

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