Lack of Transport Facility---Ramapuram-Nesapakkam

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:53
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Lack of transport facility---Ramapuram-Nesapakkam

Ramapuram is a central hub of a large group of IT companies and other manufacturing companies too. Nesapakkam remains in the heart of the city and a large number of commuters travel in the roads connecting Ramapuram and Nesapakkam.

But, it can't be termed as a travel as it is a process of wasting time expecting a mode of transport and reaching the workplace or even the colleges become a big task and it seems to be uncertain too. The biggest drawback in this area is the lack of transport facility. It is simply unimaginable when you can't reach a place on time and sometimes, don't even reach the place.

No buses! No auto rickshaws! No auto! How will Chennai become well developed when there are still areas that are lacking these transport facilities? When one of a commuter working in an IT company about the problem, he says "I have lost hours in waiting for these buses. I can't see even a bus or an auto that picks us up. I am really helpless and it has made me to the extent of losing my job." This is a serious issue that requires immediate alterations.

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