Laffy Taffy's Life

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:56
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It was a perfect day on July 10th, 1998. At Hangang Sungshim Hospital, this little baby was born. It was Janie (nicknamed Laffy Taffy), the girl who was famous for laughing and making everyone happy.
Janie began thinking about her most memorable event. Then, she went back in time to 4th grade when she first entered GSIS. She was able to speak more English than Korean. During her 3rd year at GSIS, she talked about Mrs. Kuang, Mr. Ivison, and Mr. Martinez quite a lot. She imagined them doing things, and she liked talking to those teachers to her friends. One of her friends was named Ashley Kim (according to Janie, Yoon HaHaHa). When she entered 7th grade, she made up a new innovation. It was based on Ashley's last name: Kim. She said her last name stood for Kuang, Ivison, Martinez. A few days later, it became popular to students, and teachers.
Janie had a wonderful dream. It was to be a journalist, who would always gather breaking news about the world and delivering them to people. "It is because I like writing and interviewing and running anywhere to earn breaking news." In addition, she said that she was going to strive to accomplish her goal by practicing writing a variety of topics and reading various newspaper articles or watch news programs so she can learn more about the world. In twenty years she finds herself getting a job as a knowledgeable journalist, and being ambitious to be a better journalist.
She also had a role model. It was Kristie Lu Stout, a pretty lady who was an anchor and also a correspondent at CNN. They have some similarities. They both studied Mandarin for at least one year, they like talking, and they both like smiling. She wants to emulate her by having a passion of being a journalist like her.
Janie hopes to achieve her dream in being a journalist. She wants to keep on laughing forever to enjoy her life and live as happy as she can be.

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