Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:55
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education gaps between men and women, abuse and violence on women, less rights and low opportunities on work heard enough. saw good principles, hatred, unfair accusations, doubt, appreciation, name calling etc. enough said. we know the parliament. let's just vote. that day, let real democracy happen. and while waiting for it to come, lets pray for the common good. lets hope for the best. :)A survey was conducted on the profile of English 111- U students of Ateneo de Zamboanga Unniversity school year 2011-2012 during the second semester. in this survey conducted, there were thirty seven correspondents. the profile contents include the age, school graduated(private or public), the ethnic group and the religion of the students.

on the age profile, the age ranged from fifteen years to eighteen years old. There were two students on the age of fifteen, while there were twenty-three students whose age is sixteen. At the age of seventeen, there were seven students and at the age of eighteen, there were five students. Going to the school graduated, there were twenty-one students who graduated from private schools while there are sixteen who graduated from public schools. proceeding to the ethnic group, there were fourteen Tausug students while there were one Yakan, Sama, and Chinese, others include Chavacano or Zamboangueno with twelve correspondents and Bisayan or Cebuano with seven students. on the profile of religion, there were two, namely: Islam and Christianity which was broke down into Catholics and non-Catholics. there were sixteen students in the Islam religion while there were three students which were non-Catholics and there were eighteen students in the Roman Catholic.

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