Leadership Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:29:50
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Leadership: the process by which an individual influences others in ways that help attain group or organizational goals, emotional intelligence: self management + ability to work with others
Management: function, planning, budgeting, evaluating, facilitating
Leadership: relationship, selecting talent, motivating, coaching, building trust
Leadership style: patterns of behavior a leader adopts to plan, organize, motivate, and control. (Listeing, setting goals and standards, developing action plans, directing others, giving feedback, providing incentives) a function of "behavior=personality*situation) personality characteristic, observational learning, organizational value/cultural system. Fit bet leadership style and organizational situation is the key. Breadth of leader's style determines the effectiveness.
coercive Immediate compliance from subordinate, provide clear directives for subordinates w/o always soliciting their input or listening to their reaction. Relies on negative corrective feedback to emphasize what is being done wrong and what must be corrected. Motivates by stating the negative consequences of noncompliance. Driven for achievement, initiative, self-control, work well in crisis, to kick start a turnaround, problematic subordinates
Effective: applied to simple, straightforward tasks, in crisis, deviations from compliance will result in serious problem, with problem employees(다른거다실패), ineffective with highly competent subordinates

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