Learner’s Evaluation - the Four Levels of Evaluation

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:21
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Learner’s Evaluation:
The author evaluated the learner’s response to the teaching project based on “The Four Levels of Evaluation” (Rankin et al., 2005, p. 293-295). Evaluation at each level is provided with the response to a question: “Did they like it? Did they learn it? Did they use it? Was teaching worth it in the long run?” (Rankin et al., 2005, p. 293).

Level A:  Patient and family involvement during interventions according to Rankin et al., (2005) “measures the teacher’s ability to individualize teaching to the learner’s needs and readiness to learn and answers the question, Did they like it?” (p. 294). As such, M.T. recognized her need and sense of responsibility to learn ways of managing hypertension. From the beginning of the 25 minute teaching instruction, M.T. was alert and showed interest in the subject matter by asking relevant questions (i.e., “how often should I check my blood pressure?”; “how can I be active in a non-active working environment?”) M.T. participated in the discussion on high sodium foods that she had to avoid in order to manage hypertension. M.T. greatly appreciated the pamphlets provided after the discussion. M.T. affirmed she was “satisfied with the health teaching and the teaching materials used”.
Level B: Patient performance immediately after learning experience “answers the question, Did they learn it?” As per M.T., she learned from the teaching project and will use the knowledge and skills for everyday life although she realizes that it is going to be difficult and requires effort and time. She mentioned that preparing healthy and low sodium foods will be a challenge since she lives with children who love to eat junk and fast food. She also restated that having sufficient time is her greatest concern, since she works 8 hours a day and has no energy for meal preparation. According to Rankin et al. (2005), “the evaluation at this level determines the effectiveness of an intervention, and what and how to teach next” (p. 295). This level helped the author to determine what the next teaching session should focus on and what steps the author and the participant could do to overcome obstacles and obtain the set goals
Level C: Patient performance at home according to Rankin et al. answers the question “Did they use it?” (p. 294). M.T. reported that she started using public transport to go to work and mentioned that not only does she save money and gas but it keeps herself physically active. She also reported that the money she saved from not parking downtown goes to buying fruits and vegetables.

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