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Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:58
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Huffman Trucking Service Request HT-03
Team D- Nikki Allen, Tom Philp, Brandon Rose, Michael Sandon and Tara Serna
April 9th, 2012
Paul Cooper

Huffman Trucking Service Request SR-HT-03
Huffman trucking is in need of a change that will help the company organize their data for maintenance and parts on their vehicles. The company has put in a service request for a database that will help the company improve efficiency and maintain records while also helping by increasing productivity. The service request includes several steps that need to be taken in order to complete this task. "The database development process consists of three major stages: requirements, design, and implementation" (Kroenke & Auer, 2012). One by one the request will be described in detail in what process are being taken to design the database that Huffman Trucking will use.
Service Request
The Huffman Fleet Maintenance database was created using Microsoft Access which is a database management system. Team D accessed the Huffman trucking Intranet site to gather all information required to create the database. Here is a look at the tables:
One member created the database and in each table there are different columns that are to be filled in with the required information for the company. This is the start to a database that the company can utilize to improve work flowworkflow tremendously.
Entities and Attributes
The Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance will be discussed . We will go into detail about how they would be used in the database, and how the information could be linked to another using a "Relationship". We will begin by discussing the purpose of the database and what it will be used for.
The purpose of a database in regards to any company is to be able to keep track of a vast amount of information for a later purpose. In the database the requests for information are called queries. We can take the information from the different files listed above and insert them into a database, therefore being able to keep track of the information about several different things at any one time. We are able to look at this information and see that as time moves forward, the information will grow and records and columns, tables and keys will be created, making searching for several records from several tables as simple as calling upon the right conditions within the query

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