Legalities Regarding Sports Franchises & Sport's Agent's

Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:44
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Legalities Regarding Sports Franchises & Sport's Agent's
Paige Williams
Park University

Ethical Issues Regarding Sports Franchises
I. Introduction
a. Introduce the topic
b. Briefly touch on each point
c. Wrap up intro with a stat
I. Ethical Issues in Sports
a. Players
b. Coaching Staff & Management
c. Agents
II. Law Proceedings surrounding the world of sports
a. Quinn & Carl Carey Jr. Champion Pro Consulting Group Inc.
b. Dodger's Stadium (Brian Stow)
c. Dodger's & McCourt
d. Pay to Play
e. NBA Lock-Out
i. Anthony v. NBA
ii. NBA v. NBPA
f. Concussion Rulings
i. How players feel about this? (Brooks Laich)
III. Conclusion
a. Briefly hit the topic one last time
b. Give a conclusion as to how this can be controlled

Legalities Regarding Sports Franchises & Sport's Agent's
In today's society sports franchises and the agents behind each player play a huge role in what we as American's find entertaining. Even with every entertaining event, whether it's a game, concert, show etc, there are always legal and ethical issues that arise. There are ethical issues that pertain to the players, coaching staff, management, and even the agents behind each player. Throughout the years there have been many law proceedings that have come about. From things such as pay to play, the NBA lock-out of 2011, and even rulings regarding concussions have the sports industry spinning with controversy. Some many things surround the world of sports like scores, uniforms, championship games, but issues regarding the players, coaching staff, and management get left out for Americans to speculate.
Contracted athletes were not something that was always known. It wasn't but only within the last century that athletes were backed with a contract that had the rules and regulations of what they must abide by. Before contracts were established management and players had no way of holding athletes accountable for disobeying rules or policies. Since there were no contracts if a player was not paid on time or at all, there was no legal actions that could proceed since there was nothing written in contract about payments. Other issues regarding the athletes are of their health and the use of drugs. Athletes are now being drug tested at any random time, but that does not stop them all. Most famously known for drug use among the world of sports is Roger Clemons, who was accused of using a human growth hormone (HGH) to increase his performance at the plate. How about Barry Bond or Rafael Palmeiro who were also both accused of using performance enhancing drugs against the MLB's policies? All these men have gone against what their contracts tell them is expected of them while being a part of the Major League Baseball Association.

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