Legislation Legacy

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:04
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Legislation Legacy
There are several issues between the federal government and the Native Americans now, but I would be taking a look at most recent one: NCAI opposes Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline; calls for energy demand to be met by responsible energy development.
In as much as we know that the National congress of American Indians has been the voice for native American's or the Indians, they have oppose the deal from Washington D.C of the forthcoming environmental development for the government to construct pipelines and its expansion on their lands will be a major impact on Native American communities and poses grave danger if constructed.
The proposed expansion of pipeline was to cross through Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, with potential devastating impacts on surrounding communities and areas which is why the voice of Native Americans for 67 years [NCAI} stood up to oppose and stop it.They want to protect their vital natural resources and are calling for domestic energy development ,and the legislature that are involve are the US department of state, the National Renewable Energy Lab.
NCAI belief and states that homeland and economic security starts with energy, and president Jefferson belief that whatever that is going to be done ,should be at expense of the health of the communities.
They do both have strong connections because they are dealing with energy which is why the US department of state will wait for the Final Environmental Impact statement[FEIS} at the end of august to see if this is of a national interest.

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