Leukemia - Research and Treatment

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:25
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Leukemia, research and treatment
The research of leukemia takes some time and is a never ending process. Although this process of researching, then testing if the treatment works, is possible it takes the most amount of time to find new cures. With these people finding new cures the people that are dying from cancer is growing smaller. The more doctors' find out about cancer
Cancer is a major topic in most places around the world. Almost everyone in the world knows or has someone that they know who has cancer. Over 1 trillion dollars have been spent on cancer research the past 20 years. Studies show that one in three people will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. The Dana-Farber cancer institute began researching and treating cancer because of these facts. So far they have about 4,000 employees some of whom are nurses helping keep the patients healthy and doctors researching and trying to find cures for cancer.

What is cancer?
Cancer is a mistake in the DNA of a cell or the loss of one or more enzymes, formed when the cells become damaged by radiation, mutations, or not having certain enzymes. In most cases cancer is formed as a tumor in some part of the body where cancerous cells are excessively produced when they are not needed. These types of cancer include any cancer of the organs like lung cancer. In fg 1 it shows how cancer cells are not normal cells because of some of these problems.

These tumors can be benign, which means that it is non-spreading, or it can be malignant, which means that it will spread. The benign tumors are easily removable because they are localized and will not do much harm if they are found early. If these cancers are left for long periods of time they have a tendency to start spreading or will grow big enough to rob other cells around it from space, food, and after a while they may die.
But the malignant tumors will grow and may have pieces travel to other parts of the body. This makes these tumors harder to get rid of with surgery and more easily for other types of treatment. It is harder for surgery to treat this because the cancer is not in one specific spot. In fg 2 you can see a benign tumor on top and a malignant tumor on bottom.

Some things you should do to prevent cancer would be not do any of the things that results in cancer. One of these is using tobacco products like smoking which results in lung cancer. Another way to prevent cancer is by staying healthy and fit, this means do not eat "junk food" or starve yourself. A third way to help prevent cancer is by maintaining a healthy weight; it is not good if you gain then lose 20 pounds every couple weeks and also not good if you are five feet tall weighing close to 300 pounds.

Common Treatments (General)

If the cancer is localized, meaning it hasn't spread, surgery is the best option, and it is also the most commonly picked. The surgeon in this case will remove the cancerous tumor and some of the surrounding tissue. Surgery offers the greatest chance of a cure because it removes the whole tumor.

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