Liberalisation Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:20
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1.0 Introduction
Philanthropy is a word that is used to describe an act of kindness. Bodemann (2011) defines corporate philanthropy to include all act of giving things away to non-profit organisation, grants, resources or simply monetary donations. Individuals may at times give philanthropically. Notwithstanding this, individuals giving away these things are often part of a big company or corporation (For, example, the former boss of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates aids in malaria elevation projects). Organisations or people that receive these donations are usually charity homes, deprived communities, deprived schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, etc.

2.0 Philanthropic organisations and their activities in Ghana
Over the years, certain individuals and institutions in Ghana have benefited from the kind-heartedness of many individuals and organisation. The following are the few five philanthropic activities often performed by the respective organisations identified with.

2.1 Building of school facilities and granting school scholarships
Deprived communities in Ghana are often identified with poor school facilities. These schools may lack classrooms, libraries, ICT centres and staff accommodations. For example, MTN Ghana Foundation is corporate social responsibility of MTN Ghana that provides support for these things. Recently, the organisation commissioned a multipurpose school complex at Kodjonya Presby School in the Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region. The school complex worth Ghc 229, 982.00 comprises of a six unit classroom block, an office for the head teacher, a store room for keeping books and other materials, an ICT Center, a staff common room and a technical drawing unit (Kudekor, 2012). In addition, the organisation awarded five scholarship packages worth GHc10,000 each to five pre-tertiary students who participated in the Foundation's 10 Million Milestone Merit Award competition on September 6, 2012 ( Also, Tigo Ghana provides more support to street library, a project that seeks to bring books closer to Ghanaian children in rural deprived communities.

2.2 Providing social amenities
Deprived communities in Ghana usually lack amenities such portable water, electricity, health facilities, etc. Certain organisations over years have shown much support in these areas. In the area health, MTN Ghana MTN on 4th April 2013 provided a 30-Bed capacity ward for Sene Hospital in at a cost of GHC116,000 (Danso, 2013). Tigo Ghana under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, donated modems and unlimited Internet data for a year worth over GH¢3,000.00 in Kumasi on 22nd March 2013 to support the national launch of World TB Day and National TB Prevalence Survey (, 2013).

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