Liberty Guard Features

Published: 2021-06-29 06:48:08
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Liberty Guard Features

Notifies you with a blinking "You're on" icon on the bottom right corner of Firefox when you visit the real Liberty Reserve web site. If the icon is not blinking then you are on a fake web site.
Blocks fake (phishing) web sites that were reported to us by users like you.
Updated every hour for increased security and every time you start firefox.
Allows you to add four more web sites to the list of good web sites.
Open source - you can view the source code of the plugin to verify that it is safe for use.
Let us know if you want more features added to Liberty Guard.

Liberty Guard Requirements

Liberty Guard is a plugin for a Firefox browser and requires Firefox browser to operate.
What is Liberty Guard?

LibertyGuard is a Firefox plugin that blocks fake/phishing web sites that will try to steal your Liberty Reserve password. It will also notify you when you visit the real Liberty Reserve web site.
How can fake web sites steal my password?

These web sites are called phishing web sites. These web sites were made by hackers to look as real as possible to Liberty Reserve web site. These web sites will try to scare you that your LR account might get closed if you do not provide your Liberty Reserve password. Some people might fall for this trick and will provide the hackers their login info to their LR account.

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