Liberty Vs. Security

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:19
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Liberty vs. Security
When thinking about having both liberty and security, it is liberty that is a priority over security. Human security may be the precondition to liberty, but it should not be more important than liberty because it is capable of destroying it. Society that exaggerates its security requirements can lower the values it cherishes. Torture and even genocide have been excused in the name of security. Free societies accept less security and, consequently, go through some pain and suffering, in order to emphasize their humanity and civility.
As serious as are our concerns toward safety and security, it is the current condition of liberty that is worrying. The destruction of the towers of the World Trade Center and the resulting loss of life is often thought of as a crisis and a important event in American history. This made government officials put better security in airports and cause concern in society However, in reality, this is not the first time that our civil liberties have contracted or terrorist-sponsored explosions have terrorized areas in the eastern part of the United Sates. In recent memory, domestic terrorism caused mayhem in Oklahoma City and caused the leaders of our country to rethink their outlook on American security.
Another reason liberty should be a priority over security is because we have prided ourselves on having individual freedom as a country almost forever. Ever since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we have made sure that each person in our country has an equal opportunity to be successful. Although national security helps protect our liberty as a country, the fact that we have our freedom is much more important.

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