Life Goes on...

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:22
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Life goes on....
Sense of attachment and love for it is still the same. One day in the fine morning was listening the music and missing my collage. I start to think about how my life was and how it is right now. It makes me drift in reminiscence and tears of joy flood over me. It's all in all different feeling to imagine, how I stepped in, how the gang got together and how we departed.
Rushing and trying to manage pace with this time this day, there hell lot of it to do but all that is to missing is that guidance that concern and that running behind of professors with a stick to study hard. Now is the time when you look back and realize that there's no one who is gonna run behind with a stick, there won't be paved pathway that'll be provided to you, and life won't be cake walk from now on. One has to struggle to show his existence and make one's own way. But being Hlite has been a boon to me. The name tag of the collage does glisten up people's faces with surprise and expectations that this child has to be something different from others.

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