Life Is a Disastrous Beauty

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:18
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Life Is a Disastrous Beauty

Each day in life is a blessing. If one can walk, talk, see, feel, and touch the possibilities someone can do with their life is limitless. However, it is unfortunate many do not realize this until something disastrous has happened. It could be mentally or physically harming to one's self or another. Either way, generally this is caused by a poor lifestyle decision the person had made. Ashley just began to value her life when she turned the age of 25, while being assigned to bake and eat a slice of boxed cake by a hospital. Her emaciated body had been through too many birthdays, holidays, and vacations in such a devastating state of neglect. It was until now did she realize that when one does not question life and lives it blindly, it will always lead to a disaster.
Children learn many things at a very young age. Ashley's mother never understood proper eating habits, although there were three meals a day, that was all there ever was. Daily activities were revolved around specific foods, which always had to be eaten in their entirety. A number of times Ashley was woken up and fed by a fork the food she did not finish at dinner. Or, if she tried to leave a plate with even a crumb of an overly buttered roll, she was literally chased by her mother around the house until she either sat down to finish it or opened her mouth and accepted the fact she lost the battle of allowing herself to be satisfied. During lunch at Beacon Heights School Ashley was the age of four when she learned to take the 35 cents her mother gave her for the whole milk carton she was told to get and instead bought a new pencil out of the school pencil machine. Sometimes it was sparkly and sometimes it was just a plain color advertising the school's name on it. Regardless, it did not matter. Ashley didn't need the pencil; she needed the extra space in her stomach for the "after school" snack. The day Ashley was caught by her mother with her gazillion pencils was the day teachers were notified she was to get her milk at lunch and not go to the pencil machine. Ashley was ashamed and embarrassed until she had her first health class at the age of twelve. It was not until here, by Mr. Lichtenstein, did Ashley realize the unusual ritualistic eating behaviors her mother set for her since an infant were so bi nine to a "normal" diet she did not know what to do. Ashley lost trust in her mother and decided she needed to learn to eat correctly on her own.
In today's society, when one researches "healthy" eating, they are bombarded by a million ideas that contradict one another on ways that promote a healthy lifestyle. Almost always, is the word "diet" incorporated in some way no matter how far apart one idea may be from another. The word "diet" to such a young girl, such as Ashley, has a very controversial definition. However, one idea was the same in all of them, to lose weight, or at the very least focus strongly on the importance of a slender body. Subconsciously, Ashley began various diets to follow the many different ways to being healthy. Ashley only ate Apple Jack's Cereal for awhile following a no fat diet, then she went onto only Quaker Butter Popcorn rice cakes as her only variety for a snack which eventually ended up turning out to be her lunch, lastly she began to allow her only form of nutritious food to be a portioned half cup serving of Bush's Vegetarian Baked

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