Life Is a Struggle

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:19
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Category: Psychology

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The days are so short for an ordinary people. Every day, they work from morning to evening. Why are they working every day? Certainly, we are trying to survive and progress our lives. Everybody has everything to think such as personal problems, official matters and so much. We face hard times and this is realistic for everyone. However, there are many cases to understand and do. Of course! We find our life to be convenience and comfortable. But how can we? It is easier said than done. We should take a bit more ways to run.

As we know, life is not made up of happy endings. We always fight difficulties and try to understand it. Nobody wish to fail in their life, indeed, they are ever going under. Why? People don't want any sorrow in their life. In fact, they are not going to their destination and making nothing to step. It seems like a man who climbs up the tree and down with nothing in his hand. We give many reasons for our slip; however, don't try to find the answers. Sometime, we are commented and pointed to our weakness and disinformation. Really, we are the slave of fortune and we can't stop it because it is life. For some people life is easy and great but some are not. For them, life is a breeze and a happiness place.

On the other hand, some are suffering hopeless future and can't escape. So they want help to fight their misfortune. They're looking for a new leaf. We can imagine that it is the first step to future. We shouldn't give up our lives easily so that we'll have a great life after all. Besides, the sadness will disappear not only in our surroundings but also in our family. Absolutely, we cannot know everything enough to avoid falling under.

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