Liguria Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:24
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Liguria is a region with particular geographic characteristics. South of Liguria is il Mare Liguria, west of France north of il piemonte and east there is l'Emilla Romagna and Tuscany. In this region the chain of the alps join with the Appenines. The territory of Liguria is very montanious and hilly. Coltivated with terraces, the land is a typical product of the Medditerranean. On the terraces they cultivate olives, vinyards, and citrus fruits. Only on the coast flowers and tropical plants are cultivated.
The coastal region of Liguria is very narrow and there are plenty of cliffs. Genova is the capital of the region that divides the coast in the eastern Riviera and western Riviera. With its very sandy beaches and its pituresque gulf. Eastern Riviera is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Italy. The climate is also attracted to tourist in the winter months. Portofino, Portovenere, and sanremo are cities in Liguria that attract the most visitors. Portofino is a prominent and most suggestive town with it's small ports and nice views. Sanremo with its beautiful flowers, large hotels, beautiful villas that has preffered its most favorable climate and its favorable holiday with many europeans. The beaches are obviously the richest of Liguria, the climate makes the region attract millions of tourists every year. The beaches of Liguria are an excellent way of communicating and is also very rich with fish.

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