Lillian Rubin

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:25
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Category: Social Issues

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The empty nest syndrome is a depression caused by a woman's children leaving home. In "The Empty Nest" by Lillian Rubin, she interviewed with numerous women whose children left home and she learned that most of them women were positive rather than negative in the leaving of their children. Women feel a door opening when their children leave home; they feel like they can finally make time for themselves and find out who they are again. When women feel relief of their children leaving them, they suddenly feel guilty because they think they should feel more grief. The father tends to feel more grief when a child leaves home rather than the woman. This is because the woman has nurtured the child and provided all the emotional support throughout the child's life, whereas, the father was more financially supportive of the child and had more trouble emotionally connecting. This causes the father to feel grief when the children leave home and he has a hard time letting go. Lillian Rubin's approach was that the empty nest syndrome does not exist.

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