Liner Programming in Business

Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:45
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BUS 172Liner Programming in Business Linear programing it’s when there is a problem involving numerous outcomes and you want to come up with the one that gives you the largest or the smallest result depending if you want to maximize or minimize.  You can apply linear programing in business in various different situations, for example, linear programing can be used in a restaurant to make smarter decisions about the food served in order to increase the profit.  The restaurant has to choose between two different specials, regular and low calorie. The restaurant needs to know how many of each meal has to prepare and stay under the budget limit. Linear programing its very effective in these kind of situations where you have several options and you need to get the most accurate result it can help business owners to be more organized and bring more accurate results to the business.  Now a day in every business the most important this it’s either maximizes the total profit or minimizes the total cost. Linear programing it’s a very useful tool to know in business because you can now the final outcome and risk more or risk the less depending on what the business choice has to be.

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