Literature Review of Female Entrepreneurship

Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:55
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ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGEThis completed cover sheet should be page 1 of your Micro Research Report when submitted on Blackboard.STUDENT ID NUMBER1706438UNIT TITLEMicro Research Report                   TITLE OF ASSIGNMENTTask5WORD COUNT1594DATE SUBMITTED16/08/2017By inserting my student number above, I confirm that this assignment is all my own work and all source material has been acknowledged appropriately; I can produce my notes, plans and drafts if asked; I have kept a copy of this assignment; I give permission for my work to be used for future academic purposes.PLEASE NOTE There will be a penalty of 5 marks on your final Micro Research Report grade if your assignment is more than 10% longer or shorter than the word limit given. Late submission may result in a zero so do not miss the deadline.The development of knowledge across three articles on analyses of factors affecting investment of wind power project (2008-2014)IntroductionAs the climate problems become more and more serious, renewable energy industry, seen as the mainstream of future development, has aroused the interest of investors. However, this energy, with wind power as an example[a], has risk exposure that can be defined as uncontrolled factors in the process affecting the enthusiasm of investment (Klessman et al, 2008). This is because wind power[b] still in a development[c] stage, especially in China, resulting in lack [d]analyses of risks and influencing factors of investment. Thus, it is important to analyses[e] the factors which have effect on investment and integrate these ideas together to improve investment of wind power industry. Moreover, investment analyzation connect to my major and interest. Therefore, I choose this topic and define the main purpose of reviewing these three articles. Although these three articles analyses[f] investment factors from different aspects such as marketing view and management view, Li et al (2014) develop the research to a more practical stage including both relatively breadth analysis from Li et al (2013) and in-depth analysis [g]same as Klessman et al (2008). This essay will firstly explain the rationale and limitations of choosing these three articles. Then, authors’ stance will be demonstrated with visualization. Moreover, in discussion part,[h]it will discuss similarities, differences, and development on purpose, the effect of government policy, analyses directions, analyses methods, and wind power pricing respectively. Finally,[i] the findings would be summarized and suggestions would be proposed.

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