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Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:43
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Where are you living now, in a countryside or in a big city? Some people might argue that countryside is best place to live for its comfort properties and familiarity. However, if you consider your children's education and convenience, you'd rather choose to dwell in a big city.
Education is the first reason why we should reside in a big city. As well-educated children gain a well-paid job, there have been created great number of education academy where people are converged. This circumstances means that an enormous city has suitable conditions to study. To be specific, which place do you think that is better for study: Seoul or just a farm village? Of course farm village has a great condition for silentness. Unfortunately, studying is not completed for only placidity. Different with a farm village, Seoul, which resembles a big city, is ready for educate students. Various academies, a large number of study reference materials or other conditions can make children to be well educated. Hence, unless you want your children to be foolish, metropolis is the best place to live in.
Next, convenience is the most important reason for inhabiting in a giant city. Since a huge city possess a tremendous crowd, there has been developed many facilities that satisfy convenience. For instance, a massive city is prepared for health, beauty, leisure, and other major facilities. In the large hospitals, we can get treatments, in the professional hair shop, we can be gorgeous, and in the theme park, we can replenish energy. Why would people choose to live in the countryside although a big city has these convenience? Few people can claim that countryside has a forests, so they can be refreshed. However, forests are not only placed in the country side, but also in a big city. Many developed cities possess places to replace nature such as New York, Seoul or London. These cities planted numerous trees to create artificial forests. Therefore, I can assure you that a big city has convenience.
As our life quality has be improved, dwelling became the most important conditions to be contented. To satisfy our desire for living places, I want to prefer people to live in a big city since it has major education facilities and convenience.

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