Local Goverments

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:46
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Local governments are created by states and have only those powers that the government gives them. The powers local government has meet the needs of thousand of communities. Three important services in my opinion are education, public safety and health and welfare .The service that local government gives are really useful and its helps the communities and the citizens .This affect my life in a way that makes me feel safe and lets me know that the government secures the community.
The service that local government spends more money is on education .They having to make sure that they provide all educational from elementary school though high school .They also make sure that every student attends school. They are free local school's local government gets help from federal governments .Federal helps pay for buildings and programs for special needs. Education service is one of the biggest and most important its give service to all kid in the community no matter if they weren't born in the United States.
If we had a problem about health or crime who will we contact, if it was not for the local government that gives us safety we will have had a serious problem. Local government helps us with police officers and firefighters and other kind of department's .The police help citizen stop crime and being safe from the people who try to hurt others. Firefighters help us when we have health a problem at home or when a there fire that we can't stop. Local government also hires people to make sure that safety rules, called codes are followed.

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