Lord of the Flies Poem

Published: 2021-06-29 06:36:37
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On a carefree island made of pink stone,
little boys run free,
Free of the rules set by grownups.
Its all fun and games, until that faithful moment where that the conch was blown.
Following this call, like a sick puppy, was a word that no one shall soon forget:
There was run and yelling and kid-like acts up to the spot where the all mighty fire would dance for them.
Nothing went as planned
The fire was too wild for the boys to handle.
This is where the first was lost,
The first was lost to recklessness.
That is where the ever never visible crack began.
The boys danced with the fire today,
One with its wild movements.
The fresh hunt was cooking and crying, the beauty of the fire made it cry out in pain.

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