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Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:53
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During my last semester in the RDP I noticed most of my classmates were five to seven years younger than myself and did not seem to have the genuine desire to learn. It seemed more like high school. I found myself getting frustrated with the joking around in my classes and the amount of chatter. I looked over my transcript and realized I needed a lot more classes to graduate with a degree in therapeutic use of experiential education. I realized that I needed to take a few wilderness classes. These classes would be in preparation for working in the wilderness. They seemed to be great experiences, but I would still have to start at an entry level position in whatever program I attempted to work in. I thought about this and decided it did not make sense for me. I met with the dean to talk to her about potentially switching to the ADP. I learned I could get a job at an entry level position and design my classes around my work. I found this to be completely intriguing as I could get my degree while I learned the trade. When I graduated I would have two years of valuable experience.
I realized this program was not going to be easy and I needed to be incredibly self-motivated in order to succeed. I thought about this long and hard. In the past I had always struggled with doing school work and had not taken any pride in my work. I realized most of the schoolwork I had difficulty with was content not relevant to my interests. The thought of getting credit for the work I would be doing in a job and the learning I would naturally receive really appealed to me. I decided the motivation for me to succeed in life would make the ADP not only doable, but I that would excel in it.
A plan began to unfold. I realized working full time in the wilderness would not be conducive to having a family and any sort of home life. I got a job at a program called Adirondack Leadership Expeditions and committed for two years. After these two years I could move up to a position where I would not have to go away every other week. I would be able to work in the wilderness realm without actually being in the field for an extended period of time.
I believe the ADP is going to be a great match for me and will enable me to get where I want in life much quicker than traditional forms of school. I really look forward to this opportunity and feel great about the road in front of me

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