Love and Other Words

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:45
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I love the sound of pouring rain, the feel of water cascading down my skin. And the this and the cat. The cat ran after the crazy dog, down a narrow alleyway into a burning bush. People love to see silly things like that on youtube. What is the meaning of life? Who said live life to the fullest? What is considered the fullest? Should I be playing more, and working less? Or should I be working more and playing less? Where is the happy balance that is needed to live life to the fullest? I'm baby sitting a dog named bear, why do people name their pets after different animals? Does it somehow make it better than just naming them simply dog or cat? I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now but instead I'm writing this just to simply be able to read a paper on something which is very similar. To get ideas and help with finding sources. Two hundred and fifty words never felt so long. This is this and that is that, who ever knew you could make money by writing about a cat in a hat? I want to swim today, I need the release that swimming gives me. What do you do to distress? Run, read, write, play? We all have to have some sort of outlet at some point in time, if we didn't so many people would snap. Have I made it to two hundred and fifty words yet? Yes!

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