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Nombre: Christian ReyesPerspectiva Legal y Financiera de la Marca Fecha:26/10/2016Docente: Oscar Fregozo Lovemarks,the future beyond brands by Kevin Roberts.PRINCIPAL IDEA: The evolution of selling products (and their brands) through desire and opportunity to sell them through lovemarks (trademarks) using a deep emotional connection.KET WORDS:Love & Respect. Commitment. Lovemark.Emotions: joy, sorrow, anger, fear, surprise, disgust.Secondary emotions (triggered with someone else around): LOVE!, guilt, shame, pride, envy, jealousy.Innovation, quality, design, loyalty beyond reason, empathy, passion.(Crave for) Mystery [grate stories , taps into dreams, myths and icons, inspiration]; sensuality [sound, sight, smell, touch, taste]; and intimacy [commitment, empathy, passion].

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