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Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:52
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Low Class and High Class
A social class basically defines people placed in a certain category. For example, when I speak about people who hardly ever have money and are working and not getting paid how they should be, I am speaking about people who are considered to be very "low class" or the "working class". But nowadays, people see everything certain ways. Many people still believe that there is a high class, middle class and low class. In my case, I believe there is only a high class (Rich people) and Low class (Non- rich people). To me, rich people are considered people who have it great, who have more opportunities for everything, who complain and feel that minor problems are actually a huge problem for them. In my case, whatever small minor problems they have, I would be more than grateful to have them. We, low class people, struggle much more than they do. Low class people struggle more than high class people will ever have to struggle.
In today's society, there is nothing but High class and Low class people who battle their struggles differently. Being put in a category seems almost ignorant. Why do people need to have labels on them? They do not, but in today's society, there are issues and troubles that people do not approve. I have come across plenty of times when I have had to deal with someone who was high class. Most of them were very snobbish and believed that not finding a maid was the biggest issue in the world. The rest of them basically acted as if they were people and were very polite to me.

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