Loyality of Schemes - Hotel Loyalty Schemes

Published: 2021-06-29 06:34:34
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Hotel Loyalty Schemes

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In this study we try to explore the concept of the loyalty schemes and their effectiveness in two of the famous hotels in the United Kingdom in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is to perform a comparative study regarding the contribution of the loyalty schemes, marketing strategies and customer retention and management strategies in the hospitality industry. The research analyzes the tow hotels and, on the basis of the research results obtained, it also gives ultimate and outcomes of the entire hospitality industry of United Kingdom in general. Moreover, this research report analyzes analyzes the many aspects of the increasing efficacy and effectiveness of the hotel industry of the UK.

Chapter 1 Introduction 6
1.1 Background 6
1.2 Background of Hotel Industry in United Kingdom 7
1.3 Problem Statement 11
1.4 Objectives of Research 11
1.5 Research Questions 13
1.4 Learning Process 13
1.5 Structure of the report 14
Chapter 2 Literature Review 16
2.1 Four Star Hotels 16
2.2 The leading brands in the UK 18
2.2.1 Hilton International 18
2.2.2 Holiday Inn 19
2.3 Possible Problems in Hotel Products 20
2.4 Loyalty Programs 25
2.5 Transition off-line/on-line 26
2.6 Growth of Corporate Ownership 27
2.7 The Rapid Growth of Hotel Industry 27
Chapter 3 Research Methodology 28
3.1 Introduction 28
3.2 The Research Philosophy 28

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