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OutputDuring Bill Bratton's tenure, the NYPD has succeeded in making New York the city with the lowest criminal average compared to 25 major cities in the USA. In the process, less than first 2 years, Bill was able to reduce the serious crime rate to 39%, murder to 50%, and theft to 35%. Bill also able to increase public confidence from 37% to 73%, even as internal surveys showed job satisfaction in the police department reaching an all-time high. All of them he achieved without increase his budget and his personnel. What Bill did is one example of a social business model and not a low-cost business. This can be seen from the value proposition and source of value they have. As a value proposition, which is NYPD provides security services that have not previously been achieved to the people of New York. It is all achieved with the concept of financial sustainable manner without reducing the quality of security services. The source of value, as what NYPD did for their value proposition, did breakthrough innovation in the performance of the NYPD organization, in order that the security services the New Yorkers wanted, could be provided with full motivation by NYPD personnel, so that can be increasing public trust and produce a good reputation for NYPD.

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