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Published: 2021-06-29 06:36:13
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Major issue
Currently it's rather controversial that with the salary cap structure, how to divide the league's fund of $850,000 to both motivate the six players and prevent them from breaking contracts to go and play in another league.

Specific recommendations
If I'm the head coach of Ottawa Voyageurs, I will conduct a strict audit to determine the salary cap of my league. Because of the limited amount and in a move to balance the revenue gap, I would like to set six levels for these six members as follows:
1. Massimo Taranto with $180,000
Massimo is considered the best midfielder. He's qualified, experienced and of course very famous. Motivating him equals generating the whole team. Sometimes the team needs a leader to guide and trigger a battle on the field. It is necessary to award the player with positive influence higher than others.
2. Bin Wang with $150,000
He is a high-performed FWD. He joined the team for quite a long period of time and scored the second most. He is no doubt the main force of the team. What's more, he's from China and has ever played in Vancouver. Higher compensation might help to stimulate his harder work in future.
3. Alex Bean with $125,000
Act as a powerful backbone of the team, Alex is honest and has the sense of responsibility. He offered to give back a portion of his salary due to the bad performance. He is aware of his mission and duty. He deserves his salary.

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