Major Threats and Opportunities Critical to Strategic Planning with Pepsico’s Snacks and Beverages

Published: 2021-06-29 06:41:12
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The four major threats and opportunities critical to strategic planning with PepsiCo’s snacks and beverages business are listed below:Threats:Substitutes: PepsiCo has many competitors who have many products they compete with. There are many other companies that provide energy drinks, snacks and soda products in the market. PepsiCo needs to continue evolving and upgrading its marketing strategy to lead the market.Power of buyers is high: Customers have many choices of which products to purchase. Businesses cannot charge high prices for sodas and snacks as customers have many different choices for substitution to purchase, which could hurt the sales of the company. Rivalry: There is high diversification from competitors like coca cola and other snack and soda brands. It gives rise to strong rivalry among its competitors who come up with different marking strategies to try and survive and beat the competition. Economic forces: These forces have a huge impact on PepsiCo’s business. If the market is downhill and there is an inflation, it would affect the market considerably as consumers purchasing power would fall greatly and would be losing much of its sales and revenue. Opportunities:Media: PepsiCo has done a great job doing promotions worldwide through print and electronic media. With technology advancing, PepsiCo can sure social media platforms to increase its marketing strategy. New Product: PepsiCo is one of the biggest brands in the word and takes advantage of it by planning to penetrate into new market segments other than just snacks and sodas. Sports: PepsiCo could use its brand to be recognized on more than just food and beverages. Sports are a huge part of the world and PepsiCo could collaborate with sports personalities to help the firm in attracting more consumers through the sports athletes. Partnerships: Another big opportunity is the key business agreements that would help the company in maximizing its sales and revenue. The company would have more choices of products and services that would bring customers in to purchase. EFE Matrix is a business tool that is often used for assessment of a current business condition or product. It is a great tool to visualize and prioritize the opportunities and threats the company may face. Company OpportunitiesWeightRatingWeighted ScoreNew Product11%3.33Media Product17%4.68Sports21%4.84THREATSPower of Buyer15%4.6Substitutes of Product7%2.14Rivalry12%1.06Economic Factors6%1.06Total Weighted 100%3.23

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