Making a Decision - Job or School

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:43
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Making a decision poses to be a difficult task, what will be the effects of my decision? Is this the right choice? Will I regret this? These are some of the questions that I ponder. A difficult yet important decision that I will have to make is should I give up a fulltime job to stay in school.
Stepping into the work force has its merits and demerits. First, I will be able to get a job and start making enough money to provide for myself and it will help me to feel independent for once. However my grandkids may grow to see me flipping burgers. Since a GED or high school diploma only allows me to do just a "job". I hate people dictating to me. I function better without someone on my back every second watching my performance and telling me what to do from what not do. Therefore working under the feet of others would not be a suitable position for me. This is one of the reasons why I think I prefer suffering in school than to give up school and work fulltime and then suffer in the end because I'm sure that I will have a "career" rather than a "job". Since I will be my own boss.

"I'd rather school fail me" these words are my source of motivation when I look at our economy. Staying in school isn't always a bad thing no matter how long it will take. In the long run I will be better suited for the bigger paying jobs; and I will be able to start my career. Staying in school takes long therefore my mind seems to be easily changed from one career to the next; for one I often get discouraged and think that my career choice will not pay me in the end, because in the next 5 years my career choice may not be as highly demanded as it is now. Blame the current economy for the mind changing.
However, whether my choice of career will be in demand or not at the end of the day I still have to ensure I'm prepared for "comes what may". Not to get too cliché but my grandmother always say "one day the tables will turn"; therefore regardless of the current economic slump I know that when this economy changes I will be prepared for the job market that lies ahead. Again I say there are good and bad in every situation hence; being the optimistic person I am; staying in school will permit me to be prepared for brighter days ahead.

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