Man Found Impaled in Local Barn

Published: 2021-06-29 06:41:18
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Man Found Impaled in Local Barn
Article by Randall Sipe
January 16, 1901
Kevin Hernandez, living alone in a two story farm house, has been found dead this past week accompanied by his young son Charlie Hernandez. Kevin's body was half impaled over the metal fork from the wall. While Charlie's body was a mess found hiding under a wagon. Kevin was recently thirty-two and divorced his wife Barbara Hernandez just four years ago. Charlie had turned eleven in October of 1900. Barbara's whereabouts are unknown.
Most of his family has already deceased either serving in the Spanish American War or from natural causes. His mother perished at an early age due to tuberculosis. He had one sister, Julia, who moved to a more urban city when she married Benjamin Carlisle. Soon after, she was raped and murdered by her husband and Benjamin died in jail just two weeks ago. Local police believe that the loss of family led to an early depression for Kevin. In this Lebanon, Indiana country home, we could assume by his and his eleven-year-old son's bodies' condition that they have been sexually abused before the murder finally brought some escape to their monotonous pain. There is currently only one child left, Kate Hernandez, who will arrange for the joined funeral. Further news of this investigation will be printed this coming week. Police are still searching for what seems to be the male who will be charged with child molestation of a class b felony, third degree murder, and breaking and entering. Keep your eyes peeled for details revealed about the man.
Investigative report and news updated by Robert Lowe.

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