Management Scenarios

Published: 2021-06-29 06:41:25
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Management Scenario
Marketing Manager, Travel Agency Manager, and owner of a small company are occupations in three separate positions for evaluation. Within each paragraph is the scenario identifying the communication channel used, "formal or informal" (Organizational Behavior, 2011, p. 344) with defending and supporting reasoning. While serving in the Air Force, superiors assigned multiple, short timeframe, high priority taskings, much like the first scenario.
Within Scenario number one, is a role of a Marketing Manager, in which to develop a new marketing strategy for an exciting new beverage with worldwide distribution. The timeframe for this strategy is the end of the week to the vice president. With such a short time to complete this complex tasking would require a formal communication channel, in which to explain the direction to the team with the requirement and with the tasking deadline. Therefore, the final presentation is due Thursday, for the meeting with the vice president on Friday. The presentation to the vice president will occur on Friday will dictate a formal communication channel.
Scenario number two, is a role of a travel agency manager, in which first thing in the morning, the username and password to company application system does not allow anyone to access the application. This immediately caused a work stoppage, to where none of the travel agents could perform assigned responsibilities, affecting existing, and new customers. An informal communication channel, of a telephone call to the IT Department, determined the cause to the username and password problem. Because there was no formal communication put in place by the travel agency, this dictates an informal communication channel. The IT Department determined the username and password expired, in which the technician supplied a new username and password for the travel agents to use. After receiving the new username and password, the travel agents received the login credentials, making them productive of assisting the customers. The lack of communication of not knowing of the username and password, the company created a policy letter, and forwarded to the travel agents, upon receipt that the travel agents contact the IT Department before the day of expiration to receive a new username and password. This letter is a formal communication channel setting a policy in place to keep the travel agents aware of the situation.
Upon the last role, the third scenario is a role of an owner of a small company, in a financial situation, to where four company personnel have to leave the company, to remain profitable, and keep the company afloat. The method to inform the company personnel is an informal communication channel, to explain the company has been losing money for a while and unable to pay the bills. Thus to keep the company going, four personnel will have to leave the company. To inform the

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