Management Style Self-Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:31:34
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Management Style Self-Analysis Unit 1:

It's very important for manager to be successful in all areas. Have an appropriate appearance, skills, knowledge and connections. I think people can develop all mentioned skills with the years and experience. I strongly believe that experience can teach us better than just reading articles or books. After completing self assessment I found that I have good political skills which could help me to know exactly how to act in a sincere, engaging manner that disguises any ulterior self- serving motives. I also learned that I had preference for formal, mechanistic, rule-oriented and structured culture, which is often associated with large corporations and government agencies. As I'm not working I would like to describe my work experience which support questionnaire results. In 2009 I joined Engineering Company. This was a Chinese company which designed and manufactured Chinese casing and tubing with the head office located in China. It was a very big surprise for me when I joined to the company everyone was from China and only few people could speak English, but I could hardly understood them because of their accent. I had big communication problems; also it was very new environment and culture for me that I couldn't adapt. I had problems at work because I didn't get exact instructions from management. I had a lot of questions in my head and I decided find solutions typing my questions and Google them and asking for help my friends.

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