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Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:25
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Q1) mobile applications (programs) they support different type of business focusing on the business that need communication and live updating for the filed they improve the operational efficiency by keeping their staff and client updated and they can go to the application and find out what's going on where ever they are whenever they want
Q2) this applications solved the communication problems between the client agency supplier for example there's program on the apple store called tom-tom if you snap picture with your devices it will save on the place and it can navigate you anytime for the picture locations and that helps a lot people who deliver or drive around the city or for example you went out of the city and u found the main factory to your business you can snap picture for the location and you can come anytime
Q3) the most business will benefit from the new devices outdoor job that needs to ship all over the city or the world job that need to submit your updates so the client can be updated also like delivering also loads of programs for example me as photographer I use program called Zenfolio throw this program I can deliver the client there picture show proofs to the client can make slide show and also I can sell pictures throw this program so most of the business can modernize and makes use of the new technology what matter what's your business

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