Mankhambira Chieftaincy

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:49
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Succession in Mankhambira chieftaincy.

Am documenting all required information with guide line from Harry Mankhambira.The current ruler.Very energeting and visionary youth T/A.Sanga its headquarter has more peace than ever before from brutal life. There is high delay in enthroning This T/A Harry Mankhambira which causes more confusion.Harry is the right candidate looking at all required historical required information.

Harry Mkhwakwata is the son of the last T/A as such need to be enthroned, looking at patrineality of this traditional chioeftaincy.Havent you wondered why Tonga culture seems to die, because you want to impose matrenal system as compared to its original patrineal where the son takes over.

Harry Mkhwakwata is educated,have travelled far and has more exposure, visionary, son of the last T/A and not a nephew, He has brought peace and development in Mankhambira,is transparent and accountable compared to all others who are clinging to power which is not theirs.

History should speak the truth.Let the chieftaincy of Mankhambira and their people solve their leadership issues alone than involving other outside T/As who are not conversant with Tonga culture.Why taking Ngoni or Tumbuka,Mlabiyas to solve Tonga culture? it makes a great confusion.Let Tonga through the current T/A solve their own problems.

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