Manufraturing Processes

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:13
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Manufacturing Processes are used to create items that we humans use day to day. Anything from toys for kids to gearbox gears. The general definition of manufacturing process is a process of transformation of input materials into usable articles. The vast amount of materials used in these processes are metals, plastic, ceramics, and glass. Engineering processes are sorted by two groups: Deformation processes and Machining processes.
Deformation processes are processes which modify the shape/form of a solid by applying the right amount forces and/or heat. A few examples are :
- Forging
- Moulding
- Rolling
- Many more.
Then, Machining processes is a processes where the needed shape is created by removing excess material in chips from the work piece. A few examples are :
- Cutting
- Punching
- Laser cutting
-Many more.
In this report, we will look further into:
- Precision CNC Machining
- Electro Discharge Machining
- Centreless Grinding.
For each giving a brief overview of these 3 manufacturing processes with examples where these processes are used to produce products . And explain why the chosen item is made by using this certain procedure.

Precision CNC machining
Before CNC, there was NC which was Numerical control, a form of programming automation in which a machine is controlled by code, called a part program. The first NC system was developed in 1952 in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
There is three main parts in a NC System :
- Program of instructions
- Machine control Unit
- Machine tool
Then CNC came along. CNC is an NC system which uses a dedicated computer with part programs within the machine control unit. This makes the system more easier to read/ write code, reliable and easier to maintain plus lowering the cost of purchase.
There is a massive range of tools that work with CNC variants. Here are just a few :
- Drills
- EDMs
- Lathes
- Milling machines
- Wood routers
With the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs makes yours work more accurate and precise.
Main applications of CNC Machining include: brackets, levers, joints, nuts, bolts, clamps, handlebars and many more.

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